Human Cogs - Ben Sorensen on living with Autism


A self-described “brain for hire”, Ben Sorensen is a media host, presenter, writer, and marketing whizz. Ben also sits on the Autism Spectrum, and has learned to “hack his brain” to find ways to help him make sense of the world.

From an early age growing up in country Queensland, Ben recognised that the way he processed the world was very different to people around him, and that his brain worked faster and at a more meta level than neurotypical people, leaving him feeling socially isolated and perplexed about how humans work.

But last year, at the age of 36, Ben sought out a formal diagnosis of ASD, and has continued to kick goals, hone his gift and fully “utilise his asset” - his remarkable brain - and capacity for human kindness.

In this episode we explore Ben’s lived experience of autism, the inner workings of a mind trying to decipher the complexity of human emotions and relational nuance, and some of the challenges he has faced in better understanding how to do human well.

But beyond his diagnosis, we also learn about Ben’s personal philosophy and values including the importance of being “consciously kind”, the need for us all to move from mere tolerance to true acceptance, and his continuing quest for greater equality in the world.

Ben says he wouldn’t trade his ASD for quids.

Because it gives so much more than it takes.

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Ben Sorensen is a board member of Friend In Me.

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