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Inclusive Workplaces Start With Incluzion

At Friend In Me, we are on a mission to create inclusive parties for kids and their families – but inclusion doesn’t stop when the party ends.

To make long-lasting change we know that the foundations of inclusion and disability awareness need to flow into all parts of the community. From schools to sporting groups, restaurants and retail – our vision is to see inclusion become a part of the everyday, for everyone. And we need your help!

Our Incluzion workplace training program helps businesses to be more welcoming, diverse and inclusive. Thoughtful spaces that cater for all abilities, training for team members to be better equipped to provide great customer service, or creating employment opportunities for diverse people to shine.

It all starts with inclusive leadership. A desire to bring inclusion initiatives and strategies to life in the workplace and supporting employees to become inclusion advocates.

A change is coming and we want (and need) you to be a part of it. 

We Are Including You.

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